The Micro-Consulting portal is now live at

The site launches with 9 apps, with more to follow.

Micro-Consulting Apps:

  1. Business Health Check
  2. Financial Health Check
  3. Marketing Health Check
  4. Strategy & Growth Health Check
  5. Cost Reduction Assessment
  6. Cash Flow Assessment
  7. Business Plan Review
  8. Business Feasibility
  9. Problem Resolution

Overview of Micro-Consulting

Margins are extremely tight with small businesses and not addressing problems can lead to the business failing. Small businesses require solutions for their problems quickly, effectively and without disruption to their staff.

Traditional business consulting methods can be expensive, disruptive and can take several weeks to find solutions.

Micro-Consulting is S.A.F.E

S - Simple – Just fill out one of the custom built forms and one of our consultants will start working on the solution to your problem.

A - Affordable - Prices starting $100 for a fixed price, high quality service.

F - Fast - We start working on your business problems as soon as you submit the form. We can solve business problems in as quickly as a week.

E - Effective - We focus solely solving specific problems that are tailored you your business this increasing effectiveness and adoption rates.

What you get:

All Micro-Consulting engagements include

• Initial Report based on input from forms with recommendations and industry insights.
• At least one consultation meeting.
• Closing report with recommendations, implementation plan (if required)
• Relevant template(s)
• Free support when the engagement is completed.

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